Statement Email

Every day the world sends 140 billion Emails.
What does your Email address say about you?

What is Statement Email?

Statement Email is an opportunity for you to help crowd fund a cause that you care about. And you can show you’ve contributed. And you can encourage others to contribute. And you can make an important social statement in the course of your DAILY communication routine.

How does it work?

Statement Email has been designed to operate through your existing Email system, integrating a new address into your current system is quick and easy, once you’re set up you’ll be able to choose which address you use depending on who you’re messaging. Nothing is lost, you’ll send and receive Emails at your old address, and you keep using the same system you’re familiar with, but you have the option to use a MEANINGFUL address too as and when you wish!
YOU CARE!! You want to help raise money for, and awareness of, a good cause.
There’s a Statement Email option related to that cause…
Register an Email address @ that domain for $10.
We send you an Email with simple instructions on how to run your new Email address through your current Email system.
You help the world. 75% of your $10 registration free goes directly to a charity important to you.
That’s it! You supported a good cause, and you show you support this cause every time you communicate by using an Email address @SomethingImportant instead of @SimplyIrrelevant.

Why Use Statement Email?


It’s just about crowdfunding, nothing more complicated than that. You can support causes related to climate science awareness, animal rights, veteran’s issues, and much more. And, it is a way you can SHOW that you care.


By showing that you donated to a cause, you encourage others to do the same. 75% of every registration fee is a charitable donation. We are working to increase that % by reducing overheads, but it’s already a very efficient charitable fundraising tool.


Your current Email system is awesome, keep using the same interface, just put a better name on it. It takes two minutes to set up, then you can show that you care.”
If you have an idea about a Statement Email you would like to see made available,or know of a charity or organisation Statement Email could help fund, drop us a line at

Choose your StatementEmail


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Setting Up your StatementEmail

The instructions are below, select your current Email method, see how easy it is to put a better name to it.
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Register for your new Statement Email address
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Set up your new Statement Email address in just a few steps
Icon Send
That’s it! Make a Statement every time you hit Send


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